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It is antibacterial and hygienic product can be used in facilities and warehouses of foods.From industrial warehouses to walk-in chambers the most common application for ensuring the safety of people, equipment, and products is to take preventative actions by using protecting guards and barriers for rackings, columns, doors, corners etc. especially in the facilities where the people and motorized equipment traffic is heavy. They are manufactured to ensure the protection of your walls and panels of your plant against Forklifts, pallets and the other cars. Using high visible protecting guards and barriers minimizes the risk of warehouse hazardous accidents by absorbing impacts.
Barriers can be selected in different colors and models according to needs.
Advantages and Benefits
• Help to manage warehouse traffic,
• Prevent damages,
• Secure the restricted passages,
• Protect personnel, machinery equipment, and racking system,
• Prevent injury risks,
• Enhance safety,
• Easy mounting and removal,
• Equipped with fixing kits,
• Compatible with low temperatures,
• Extremely durable against rust and rot
• High visibility even from afar.

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