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The foundations of ‘ETS ENGINEERING Cooling Systems Co. Ltd.' were laid 40 years ago in Ankara. Thanks to the companies I worked with until 1987 in the refrigeration sector, which I met in 1981, I reached the level of mastery on commercial refrigeration systems. I would like to thank my masters, teammates and employers with whom I worked during this process. I started my commercial life in 1988, and after 1993, I became 'ERDEM TEKNİK CO. LTD.' I continued. In the same years, I started to manufacture Split Type Refrigeration Group and started to reflect my understanding of efficiency and quality in Cold Storage Rooms to the sector. This situation also helped my children to be interested in the sector at an early age. My son Ömer ERDEM and my daughter Hatice ERDEM, who successfully completed their education as Mechanical Engineers, founded the company ' ETS ENGINEERING Cooling Systems Co. Ltd.’ in 2009, preserving the professional and ethical values I have conveyed throughout my business life. I have come to believe that my children will be able to bring the flag I have carried to a better place with this formation, which I have never spared my support for as of its establishment. Thanks to their ever-increasing success in this process, I am happy to see that the efforts I put into the sector have found the value they deserve. I see that they have very good years ahead of them in this sector where I started my business life in line with the principle of quality and efficiency, keeping ethical values in the foreground. In my business life of more than 40 years; I would like to thank my colleagues, suppliers and customers for the values they bring to us.
Best Regards
Mehmet ERDEM
Honorary Chairman

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