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PanETS Soğuk Oda Panelleri



'PanETS Sandwich panels' have been developed to provide maximum thermal insulation of cold rooms in industrial areas. LOCK series panels; It is used in many areas such as meat processing plants, fruit & vegetable storage, frozen food processing and storage, seafood processing and storage, storage of supermarket products, storage of chemical and medical products. Sandwich panels produced in our ANKARA production facility offer a variety of products with 8 different thicknesses with locked/unlocked options. It provides energy efficiency and ease of assembly for your cold room areas with its locked and special insert detailed structure. The two-stage eccentric locking mechanism facilitates the connection of the panels to each other and provides maximum insulation values by tightening the combined polyurethane surfaces. The locking mechanism is used in our panels with thicknesses of 60mm and above. Ceiling and wall panels are produced by injecting polyurethane with a density of 42(+/-2) kg/m3 between two sheets with galvanized lining, polyester painted and water channel pitch on both sides. The panel surface material is not limited to polyester, but optionally PVC, CRNI, Plastisol and galvanized sheet. The wall panels are manufactured with special ears, and they not only provide a connection with the ceiling panel, but also prevent the formation of a thermal bridge. TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS VALUE Insulation Material Poliüretan ( PUR- PIR ) Production Location ANKARA Std. Color Code Ral9002 Insulation Thickness 50 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120 – 150 – 180 – 200 Pattern Corrugated or Flat Panel Width 1100mm Panel Density 40 (±2) kg/m3 Sheet Type Polyster, PVC, Galvanized or CrNi Sheet Thickness 0,40 / 0,50 mm

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Yardımcı Ekipmanlar

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Soğuk Oda Aksesuarları

Soğuk Oda Aksesuarları

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Soğuk Oda AksesuarlarıSoğuk Oda Aksesuarları